Why I’m a believer in essential oils

My name is Shelton Ray and I am a Certified Aromatherapist.  I have created this blog to use as a way to share information about how essential oils have changed my life both physically and emotionally.  I have now incorporated them in to my everyday life and am enjoying the benefits of these wonderful oils.

Why I’m a believer…..

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was fortunate that it was caught early and no radiation or chemo was necessary, but both breast had to be removed.  I decided to have reconstruction surgery at the same time.  The doctors used my latissimus muscle for reconstruction.  About a year later I started having jaw pain.  I went to the dentist thinking I had a bad tooth.  The dentist actually said I needed a tooth pulled.  Of course I didn’t like that idea so I put it off.  Then I started having sinus pain.  After going through three rounds of antibiotics, I started having shooting pain from the back of my neck to the top of my head.  All of these pains were on the right side.  I finally made it to a neurologist.  I was told I had TN (trigeminal neuralgia) and there was no cure for it, only pain management.  A lot of people have this but I think mine started because the muscles in my back were rearranged.  I went to physical therapy for 6 months and it actually made it worse.  The doctor gave me different pain medications to try.  I tried acupuncture, micro-current, a chiropractor; pretty much anything to keep it under control.  I didn’t want to take pain medication except for ibuprofen.  I took about 6 to 8 a day.  This went on for over 6 years.  Finally it flared up again and I went to my chiropractor.  He had an aromatherapist who had just started working with him and suggested I spend some time with her before an adjustment.  The aromatherapist used PanAway, which is a Young Living Essential oil blend that included wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint.  She massaged it on all of the areas of pain.  I got up from the table completely pain free.  I became a believer and decided to buy the oils so I could treat myself when I felt the onset of the TN.  I have been able to manage it ever since with the oils.  I haven’t had an ibuprofen or any kind of pain medication since.
So that’s my story and have decided I can’t help but share it!  I’m now certified in Clinical Aromatherapy.  I use the essential oils in my everyday life for cleaning,
insomnia, stress relief, headaches, muscle aches and on and on.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience and real life stories of how these oils can enhance your life. 
Feel free to email me with any questions.  You’re welcome to visit my website  https://www.youngliving.org/sheltonray  
and explore all of the Young Living Products.
With all sincerity,
Shelton Ray

  1. March 5, 2011 at 5:15 am

    hi shelton…..my name is kay…i am a friend of Bev Fisher Bothwell……we have been friends for many year attending the same school Okinawa……she was talking about this great pain releif oil she found thru you……..i suffer with carpel tunnel since 1982….i will be going for another emt (nerve test) next week. i have cysts on both wrists, joints painful in both hands and knees. Bev swears that this new product she got thru you relieves her of all pain……..would you please let me know what it is and how i may obtain this….thankj

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