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The flu and Essential Oils

One Sunday after church a friend commented that I looked “exhausted”.  I thought that was strange because I had gotten a good night’s sleep.  I walked over to a meeting for a mission trip I would be participating in, and an hour later I started getting a headache and felt something happening to my throat.  About 30 minutes later, I knew I was coming down with the flu as the headache and sore throat intensified and I started feeling shaky.  Fortunately, I had peppermint, oregano and Thieves in my truck; and as soon as I got in, I rubbed several drops of oregano on my feet, rubbed Thieves on my neck and throat, and put several drops of peppermint in my water and started drinking it.  By the time I got home, the headache and sore throat had lessened.  That evening and for the next several days I took by capsule a combination of lemon, mountain savory, and oregano three times a day.  While I could tell my body was fighting an infection (as indicated by my desire to take naps), the oils completely stopped the flu in its tracks, and the headache and sore throat never returned.

Kevin Dunn

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