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Blisters and Roman chamomile

I was the typical skeptical husband when my wife started getting into Essential Oils. Then one weekend I shoveled some dirt and could tell I was getting a blister on my left palm the size of a fifty-cent piece. The skin was separated but hadn’t filled up with fluid yet. I asked her if there was an oil for that, and she gave me some Roman Chamomile. I rubbed a drop on the blister and another drop on it a few hours later. It never filled with fluid and by the next day it looked and felt completely normal. About a week later I noticed a white patch on my palm where the blister had been when I got out of the shower. I peeled it off just like skin peels off after a sunburn. I was impressed.


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  1. Oli
    August 18, 2010 at 12:13 am

    That’s great!!!! Thieves also works for me!!!

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