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Newsletter March 30, 2010

A note from me…. 

Almost daily I discover a new way to use essential oils.  Here’s a few of my discoveries from this week: 

 1)  I noticed something black on my wood floors.  It smeared and got bigger when I used soap and water.  I remembered reading that lemon essential oil was good for removing sticky stuff so I put a couple of drops on it and it came right up. 

2)  I’ve been trying to come up with a good eye cream recipe.  One that helps with those laugh lines around the eyes and the skin under my eyes.  I found a recipe that is really working for me.  I purchased a good quality non-allergenic, non-scented eye cream and added 2 drops each of lemon, lavender and patchouli.  I’m noticing the difference for sure.

3)  I found a tick on my dog after we had taken her to our cabin in the country.  After getting totally grossed out, I grabbed my Lavender essential oil, put a few drops on a tissue and put it on top of the tick.  The whole tick fell off in the tissue without having to get tweezers to pull it out. 

 I look forward to sharing many more of my discoveries with you. 



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